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Produce Trends - Dec 28, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Dec 28, 2022 1:55:01 AM


The celery market is extremely tight, with light supplies. Demand is outpacing supply at this time, driving pricing up. You can find some product available out of California on the Marketplace now. See Celery availability.


Lemon supplies are strong right now from both the Central CA and the southern desert areas. Quality is good, and markets are expected to remain steady. You can find both organic and conventional juicer product posted on the Marketplace now. See Lemon availability.


Orange markets are steady with good supply. Navels have good quality and are peaking on 88, 113, and 138 ct. You can also find competitively priced early season Valencias out of Mexico posted on the Marketplace now. See Orange availability.

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Produce Trends - Dec 19, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Dec 19, 2022 1:00:00 AM


The apple market continues to experience limited supplies and increased pricing overall. According to a recent industry survey, U.S. fresh apple inventories in storage on December 1 of this year were down 7% compared with last year and off 14% compared with the five-year average. Processing grade apples in storage are at around 41 million cartons, which is about 8% less than last year on December 1. See Apple availability.


Celery markets continue to tighten, resulting in increased pricing. At this time, 30ct product has the highest availability, while value-added product like sticks are especially in light supply. Most product is coming out of the Oxnard/Santa Maria regions and quality is good. We expect tight supplies to last until the New Year. See Celery availability.


Domestic Navels are in steady supply with good quality at this time. The smaller fruits have the strongest availability, but we expect 72ct and large to improve as the season progresses. Brix levels are at 11-12, and upcoming cooler weather will help color up the fruit naturally and increase sugar in the next few weeks. See Orange availability.

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Produce Trends - Dec 14, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Dec 14, 2022 9:08:21 AM


Chinese conventional ginger is currently short due to a stall in production and shipping. The market is expected to become even tighter in January because of the Chinese New Year holiday at the end of the month. We anticipate this to cause pressure on supply from Peru, Brazil, and Costa Rica to increase. The entire market should face more demand in the New Year with the surge in healthy eating and increased demand for ginger-based products. We recommend getting in touch soon to pre-book for any demand over the next several weeks and into the new year. See Ginger availability.


Carrots are currently in production out of California, Michigan, Mexico, and Canada. Supply is moderate overall and especially light on organics due to seasonality and transitioning growing regions, as well as Jumbos. Pricing is slightly high, but volume is steady. See Carrot availability.


Lemons are primarily shipping out of central California and the desert now, with some additional limited Mexico supply. Conventional and organic product are both strong. Quality is good, and the market is expected to remain steady through February.  See Lemon availability.

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Produce Trends - Dec 5, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Dec 5, 2022 9:42:31 AM


The Apple market is mixed depending on the variety and size constraint, and overall, we expect pricing to trend upwards over the next few weeks. Granny Smiths are tight, especially for the smaller-sized fruit. Pricing for small Grannys and Red Delicious are expected to continue to increase over the coming weeks due to demand outpacing supply. Fujis are also tight for smaller sizes, with better availability for larger apples. See Apple availability.


The Broccoli market remains steady but somewhat tight. Supplies continue to tighten, resulting in higher prices. Upcoming cooler weather is expected to drive the market even higher. See Broccoli availability.


Cabbage supplies are starting to come down, with demand increasing simultaneously. This has driven market pricing up. You can find organic Napa out of California on the Marketplace now.  See Cabbage availability.

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Produce Trends - Nov 30, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Nov 30, 2022 1:00:00 AM

Bell Pepper

We are anticipating the bell pepper market to be extremely tight going into next year, especially for processing-grade peppers, due to the lower supply available. Many large buyers are starting to lock in their contracts now for supply starting in June, leaving limited availability on the spot market. We encourage you to contact your rep ASAP to discuss locking in your 2023 needs via setting up a contract or program. See Bell Pepper availability.


Supply of California Navels is strong overall, with great deals on the smaller-sized fruit and some limitations on the larger product. Over the coming weeks, you can anticipate the cooler weather to bring better color and quality. Out of Mexico, early Valencias are showing a steady supply of the Hamlin variety in both organic and conventional. See Orange availability.


Carrots are currently shipping from California, Michigan, Mexico, and Canada. Supply is mixed, with some limitations on organics due to seasonality and transitioning growing regions. Pricing is currently high due to increased demand, but there is volume available.  See Carrot availability.

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Produce Trends - Nov 21, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Nov 21, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Lemon supply and demand are both steady this week. Pricing and quality are good. The new crop of lemons is coming online out of Southern California, with good quality and increasing supply on the market. We have some good deals on juicer-grade product loading out of California and Arizona on the Marketplace now. See Lemon availability.


Lime supplies are good overall and peaking on the 110–175cts. The new Mexican crop is coming out of Veracruz and Yucatan. Smaller-sized fruit is tight. Mexican markets are slightly higher than the US at this time due to differences in demand. According to suppliers, you can expect pricing to increase after the Thanksgiving holiday. See the Marketplace for availability.


The crop out of Washington this year was predicted to be down at least 10%, with some growers now reporting up to a 30% decrease. There is little surplus availability outside of what growers are using to fulfill contracts. Small-sized Granny Smiths are reported to be getting especially tight. Quality is good. See Apple availability.

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Produce Trends - Nov 14, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Nov 14, 2022 1:00:00 AM


The cauliflower market is extremely tight at this time with supplies out of Salinas and Santa Maria, CA both limited. Heat, rain, and then cold temperatures have affected availability and prevented more supply from coming online. Demand is high, and you can expect the market to remain tight over the next week at least. See the Marketplace for availability.


Broccoli suppliers are limited at this time. Recent rain in the Salinas, CA area has further limited an already tight supply as the end of the season approached. There have been some quality issues causing lower yields as well. You can expect this market to remain high over the next week. See Broccoli availability.


The celery market is very active as demand increases due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Oxnard and Santa Maria, CA are the main growing areas with strong availability as Salinas is finishing up. Supply is peaking on larger size. Recent rain and cold temperatures have begun to slow down production, but quality remains good. See Celery availability.

Tags: broccoli, cauliflower, celery

Produce Trends - Nov 7, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Nov 7, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Celery supplies are somewhat light, causing a stronger market. Most supply is out of Southern California, while Salinas is finishing up at this time. Larger sizing has the highest availability, and quality is above average. With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, some suppliers expect supplies to tighten further over the coming weeks. See Celery availability.


The cauliflower market is very tight with limited supplies from Salinas and Santa Maria. Demand remains high, resulting in high pricing at this time. Quality is fair with some discoloration and smaller sizing. Recent cooler weather has resulted in lower yields. Supply is expected to remain tight throughout the week.  See Cauliflower availability.


The Orange market is steady this week overall. Domestic Navels out of California are the main variety. 88ct and larger fruits are tight as the season begins, while 113-138 ct smaller fruits are peaking. Demand, supply, and quality are all good at this time. See Orange availability.

Tags: orange, cauliflower, celery

Produce Trends - Oct 31, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Oct 31, 2022 11:49:39 AM


Lemon supplies are improving as the new crop volume increases with mostly Fancy grade, mid-sized fruit. The older crop is dominated by choice-grade, smaller fruit. The California Desert/Arizona and San Joaquin regions are now the main growing areas. See Lemon availability.


Overall, carrot supplies are steady except for organic rainbows. Extreme heat back in August and September tightened supplies and drove the market up. Supply should continue to increase throughout the rest of November and drive the market back down.  See Carrot availability.


The broccoli market is steady, with supplies improving and demand slightly down. We are hearing good demand, good supply, and fair-to-good quality this week. Recently, some issues with pin rot causing lower yields, but this has improved. See Broccoli availability.

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Produce Trends - Oct 24, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Oct 24, 2022 10:00:56 AM


Overall, the apple market is tight and peaking on larger size and higher grade fruit. You can expect small and off-grade fruits to be on the tighter side for the remainder of the season. Fuji supply should improve as new crop harvests continue, while Gala apples supply is solid. You can find options on the Marketplace out of California, Michigan, and Washington now. See Apple availability.


Celery supply and quality are good, with light production out of Salinas and stronger supply out of Oxnard and Santa Maria, CA. However, there are some supply challenges in the growing regions outside California, putting more pressure on California availability and driving prices up.  See Celery availability.

summer squash

The squash market is steady overall this week. On the West Coast, availability out of Nogales is increasing, while Baja and California squash are both finishing up. East coast supply is light out of Georgia and South Carolina due to cold temperatures. This has led to demand outweighing supply, increased pricing, and buyers looking to the West Coast to fill their needs. See Summer Squash availability.

Tags: celery, apple, summer squash

Produce Trends - Oct 17, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Oct 17, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Carrot supplies are tightening up as we get further into the Fall season. This is expected with seasonality and weather changes this time of year. Out of California, supply is slightly stronger on conventional products, yet tight overall. See Carrot availability.


Overall, the Grapefruit market is limited right now. Out of California, the new desert crop is just starting, and sizing is on the smaller side. The crop is ranging from 32 to 88ct, and peaking at 64-72ct. The season will be fully ramped in mid-November and is expected to last through the Spring. The Mexican grapefruit season will start in 1-2 weeks and last through early March. See Grapefruit availability.


The California Valencia season is finished for the majority of suppliers. Demand is currently high for Valencias due to the lower supply available in the market. The Mexican season will begin in early November. At this point, the crop is looking strong, and there is better fruit set over last season. However, growers are still projecting lower yields than typical. California Navels will begin shortly and ramp up in November and December. The USDA estimates a 19% larger California Navel crop this upcoming season! Florida Valencias are primarily conventional and run from October through May generally. This season’s forecast is projected to be down 25% from last season, and there could be even a higher decrease due to damage from Hurricane. See Orange availability.

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Produce Trends - Oct 12, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Oct 12, 2022 9:59:47 AM


Recent heat waves and rainy weather have limited supplies and increased prices out of Mexico and California. There are some quality concerns around rot and hollow core due to the heat Markets are expected to continue rising. See Broccoli availability.


Prices are high, and supplies are very limited on California Lettuce (Romaine, Green Leaf, and Red Leaf). The INSV virus, a thrips-borne (insect) pathogen, has heavily impacted lettuce production in the Salinas, CA region this season. The main symptom of the virus is necrotic spots that appear on the leaves, which often end up killing the plant. It spreads quickly between plants through insects and infected sap, which is why there have been such large impacts on the monocultures of romaine and green leaf. See the Marketplace.


California Valencia Orange supplies are tight at this point of the season, especially for 88/138 ct. Quality is good, and pricing is steady, while on the higher side. Demand is beginning to exceed supply, and markets are expected to increase. Navels will come online in about a month or so.
ts. See Orange availability.

Tags: broccoli, orange, lettuce

Produce Trends - Oct 3, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Oct 3, 2022 1:00:00 AM


The Cauliflower market is rising quickly due to tight supplies. Last week’s heat wave caused limited supply, and prices increased 36% from the previous week to a 10-year high! Pending more extreme weather, the market should hold steady going forward. Quality and sizing are mixed. See Cauliflower availability.

Summer Squash

Pear supply out of Washington is strong, while California is nearly finished for the season. So far, quality is high out of Washington with the majority of product packing out as #1. Pricing is steady. You can find organic Bartletts posted on the Marketplace now. See Summer Squash availability.


Lemon markets are up this week, with light supplies due to growing area transitions and high temperatures. Quality and volume will improve as the new crop gets started this week and production begins to ramp up. Currently, supply is peaking on choice grade 200 and 235cts. See Lemon availability.

Tags: lemon, cauliflower, summer squash

Produce Trends - Sept 26, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Sep 26, 2022 1:00:00 AM

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper ​​markets are trending up on both coasts at this time, and are expected to remain that way for the next 2-3 weeks. Georgia will start in early October, while most East Coast volumes are coming from Canada and NY now. Western supplies were affected by the recent rain, with red and yellow bells being short. Supply and pricing should improve when Coachella starts up in mid-October. See Bell Pepper availability.


Pear supply out of Washington is strong, while California is nearly finished for the season. So far, quality is high out of Washington with the majority of product packing out as #1. Pricing is steady. You can find organic Bartletts posted on the Marketplace now. See Pear availability.


Recent high temperatures and rainy weather could start to affect cauliflower markets and pricing in the coming weeks. Supplies are still mostly steady in both the Salinas and Santa Maria areas, but we expect markets to rise. Quality is fair. See Cauliflower availability.

Tags: cauliflower, bell pepper, pear

Produce Trends - Sept 19, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Sep 19, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Conventional and organic carrots are both in strong supply right now out of California. Additional California regions will pick up at the end of this month, and supply is expected to continue to be strong through the Fall and early Winter. See Carrot availability.


New California crop out of D3 region (desert) has started and product is packing out well. We have organic and conventional juicer product available to prebook now through the Winter on the Marketplace. California supplies are expected to be very strong through the Winter and into early Spring, with the heaviest months being December and January. The Mexican season has begun for both conventional and organic product. There is a strong supply, with juice grade volume available weekly. Mexican supply should remain strong through October. See Lemon availability.


Overall, there is a low supply of Grapefruit in the market right now. Out of California, supplies are extremely limited with the only availability being the larger 23ct/27ct/32ct fruit. The new season will begin in mid-October and ramp up between November and January. The Mexican season should begin in mid-October and last through early March. See Grapefruit availability.

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