Produce Trends - Sept 26, 2022

Full Harvest September 26, 2022

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper ​​markets are trending up on both coasts at this time, and are expected to remain that way for the next 2-3 weeks. Georgia will start in early October, while most East Coast volumes are coming from Canada and NY now. Western supplies were affected by the recent rain, with red and yellow bells being short. Supply and pricing should improve when Coachella starts up in mid-October. See Bell Pepper availability.


Pear supply out of Washington is strong, while California is nearly finished for the season. So far, quality is high out of Washington with the majority of product packing out as #1. Pricing is steady. You can find organic Bartletts posted on the Marketplace now. See Pear availability.


Recent high temperatures and rainy weather could start to affect cauliflower markets and pricing in the coming weeks. Supplies are still mostly steady in both the Salinas and Santa Maria areas, but we expect markets to rise. Quality is fair. See Cauliflower availability.