Produce Trends - Sept 19, 2022

Full Harvest September 19, 2022


Conventional and organic carrots are both in strong supply right now out of California. Additional California regions will pick up at the end of this month, and supply is expected to continue to be strong through the Fall and early Winter. See Carrot availability.


New California crop out of D3 region (desert) has started and product is packing out well. We have organic and conventional juicer product available to prebook now through the Winter on the Marketplace. California supplies are expected to be very strong through the Winter and into early Spring, with the heaviest months being December and January. The Mexican season has begun for both conventional and organic product. There is a strong supply, with juice grade volume available weekly. Mexican supply should remain strong through October. See Lemon availability.


Overall, there is a low supply of Grapefruit in the market right now. Out of California, supplies are extremely limited with the only availability being the larger 23ct/27ct/32ct fruit. The new season will begin in mid-October and ramp up between November and January. The Mexican season should begin in mid-October and last through early March. See Grapefruit availability.