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Produce Trends - Sept 19, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Sep 19, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Conventional and organic carrots are both in strong supply right now out of California. Additional California regions will pick up at the end of this month, and supply is expected to continue to be strong through the Fall and early Winter. See Carrot availability.


New California crop out of D3 region (desert) has started and product is packing out well. We have organic and conventional juicer product available to prebook now through the Winter on the Marketplace. California supplies are expected to be very strong through the Winter and into early Spring, with the heaviest months being December and January. The Mexican season has begun for both conventional and organic product. There is a strong supply, with juice grade volume available weekly. Mexican supply should remain strong through October. See Lemon availability.


Overall, there is a low supply of Grapefruit in the market right now. Out of California, supplies are extremely limited with the only availability being the larger 23ct/27ct/32ct fruit. The new season will begin in mid-October and ramp up between November and January. The Mexican season should begin in mid-October and last through early March. See Grapefruit availability.

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Produce Trends - Sept 7, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Sep 7, 2022 9:30:07 AM


Quality is good for both Honeydew and Cantaloupe Melons this week. Supply is light for Honeydew, but with a great mix of sizes available and very high sugars. Cantaloupe supply is steady, with a good mix of sizes. See Melon availability.


Carrot supplies are steady this week, with moderate supply and demand. Availability out of Mexico is down, while the Bakersfield, CA growing region is up and running strong. Demand for snack pack and other processed carrots is up as the new school year starts. See Carrot availability.


Pineapple volumes are light due to the storm season in the Tropics. Supplies are especially light on 5-6ct product, with 7-8ct available as a substitute. You can expect tight supply for larger pineapples to continue until mid-September. See Pineapple availability.

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Produce Trends - August 15, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Aug 15, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Overall, cucumber markets are steady with good volume available on both coasts. The west coast has especially strong supplies out of Santa Maria and Baja. On the East Coast, supply out of Michigan is up. You can anticipate California volume to decrease and the market to be slightly tighter over the coming weeks. See Cucumber availability.


Carrot markets are steady, with plentiful supply out of Mexico and the Bakersfield, CA region. With school starting up soon, demand is increasing, especially for value-added/snack pack carrots. See Carrot availability.


The cauliflower market is mostly steady this week, with strong supply and moderate demand. Salinas and Santa Maria, CA continue to produce good supplies. However, Mexico is producing lower yields due to some pest issues caused by hot and humid weather. 9ct and 16ct Cauliflower are tighter than other sizes. See Cauliflower availability.

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Produce Trends - July 25, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jul 25, 2022 10:48:04 AM


Conventional and Organic carrots are in strong supply right now out of CA and MX. Supply is expected to be strong until early September, when growers may start seeing quality issues. New regions in CA will pick up late September and supply is expected to be strong through the Fall and early Winter. See Carrot availability.


Supply out of California’s D2 (coastal region) is coming to an end. This region produces rougher fruit given the harsher growing conditions. The new crop out of D3 (desert) will start in mid-August. Weekly load volume of Organic Juice grade available September through February. In Mexico, the season is just beginning. Supply will ramp as we head into August and will be strong through October. See Lemon availability.


Demand and pricing for Californa Valencias are currently high and will remain strong through the rest of the season. However, there is limited juice volume available as growers are packing a high volume of Fancy/#1 product. The state’s Valencia season will run through Sept./October. Expect the market to tighten even more in late September through October when CA finishes and MX hasn't started yet. See Orange availability.

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Produce Trends - July 18, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jul 18, 2022 1:00:00 AM


The Lemon market is steady overall, with less availability of fancy grade fruit than choice at this time. The peak available sizing and grade has shifted from large fancy to smaller choice grade fruit. Availability has shifted from the Central Valley to the Central California coast (Oxnard/Ventura Country). Fancy grade imports from Argentina and Chile are also starting up at this time. See Lemon availability.


Cauliflower supplies out of Salinas and Santa Maria, CA are both good at this time. However, pest issues due to high heat and humidity are causing lower yields in parts of Mexico. Overall, sizes are peaking on 12ct, with lower availability of 9ct and 16ct. See Cauliflower availability.


Carrot supplies are now high as the Bakersfield, CA region is in full production swing. You can find a variety of grades on the Full Harvest marketplace, both organic and conventional. See Carrot availability.

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Produce Trends - July 6, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jul 6, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Lemon markets are currently steady with good quality. Availability has shifted from mostly large fancy grade lemons to smaller choice grade as the central coast becomes the dominant region. The Central Valley has some supply left with peak sizes currently being 115ct and larger. Oxnard/Ventura County is the main growing region with sizing peaking on 140ct and smaller fruit. Choice grade fruit is expected to dominate the market, while fancy grade fruit will be tighter and more expensive. See Lemon availability.


Jumbo carrots remain tight. The Bakersfield, CA Harvest has started, but sizing is still on the smaller side at this time. You can anticipate supply to ramp up over the next few weeks You can find organic and conventional carrots in a variety of grades on the Marketplace now. See Carrot availability.


The cucumber market is tight overall with strong demand and increased pricing. Georgia is finished, which has reduced overall supply while the crop transitions to northern areas. West Coast supplies are moderate but are anticipated to tighten further due to strong demand and transition in growing regions. Quality is good. See Cucumber availability.

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Produce Trends - June 22, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jun 22, 2022 1:00:00 AM


You can expect California Valencias to be tight for the next 2 weeks or so. Mexico has finished up, while California is just getting started now. This means peak availability is on fancy grade fruit and there is limited juice grade fruit. Some growers have delayed harvests as they wait another few weeks for the fruit to size up. Demand is high, leading to strong pricing and a tight market. See Orange availability.


The Cauliflower market is steady with solid supply and pricing. Supply should increase with the recent warm weather. You can expect Cauliflower availability to remain steady, with some minor variations in texture and bruising. See Cauliflower availability.


The Jumbo carrot market remains tight with light supply due to the current harvest being mainly smaller-sized carrots. The harvest in Bakersfield, CA harvest has begun. You can expect jumbos out of the region to start up in another couple of weeks and increase availability. You can find juicer and chunk carrots on the Marketplace now.. See Carrot availability.

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Produce Trends - May 23, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on May 23, 2022 10:33:23 AM


Cauliflower markets are active and expected to remain strong. Quality is fair causing available supplies to lighten up and higher pricing. Expect price and supply to improve as more acreage becomes available. You can find organic product loading out of Salinas, CA on the Marketplace now. See Cauliflower availability.


Demand remains high for all types of carrots - Conventional and Organic, product from the US & Mexico. Mexico's supply is conventional and crosses through McAllen, TX. Supply is light on Jumbo carrots. Organic carrot availability out of California is scarce and will continue to be until more suppliers come online. We recommend getting in touch with sales to pre-book orders ~4 weeks in advance, especially for organic product. See Carrot availability.


The pineapple market is steady this week for supply, demand, and quality. Sizes are peaking on the larger fruit. You can find conventional, crownless, Costa Rican product on the Marketplace now. See Pineapple availability.

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Produce Trends - May 9, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on May 9, 2022 1:00:00 AM


This week, the orange market is mostly steady, with good supplies on larger fancy grade fruit and tighter supplies on smaller choice fruit. In addition, Valencias are becoming readily available and being used to fill in on the minor size shortages. See Orange availability.


Prices continue to decrease on Conventional Limes out of Mexico. Pricing is lowest on the smaller fruit, but larger fruit is also dropping. We expect this to continue over the next couple of weeks. Please get in touch for any FTL volume needs. We anticipate needing a 5-10 day lead time. Pricing and availability are subject to change daily. See Lime availability.


Carrot supplies remain tight, especially for organic and conventional processed supplies at this time like coins, chunks, sticks, etc. Whole carrots are more readily available. Overall, the market remains challenging, especially for FTL orders. Please check the Marketplace and reach out to your Full Harvest rep for the most up-to-date quotes and availability. See Carrot availability.

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Produce Trends - April 25, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Apr 25, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Broccoli supplies remain steady with good availability coming out of multiple growing regions. Salinas and Oxnard, California are the primary pull locations at this time. Organic Broccoli out of Salinas began in April. Supplies have been strong after a smooth transition, and quality has been excellent. See Broccoli availability.


Demand remains high on all types of carrots - conventional and organic, out of the US and Mexico. Mexican supply is mostly conventional and loading out of McAllen, TX. Supply has been light, however, due to delays at the Texas border crossings. Organic availability out of California remains light as demand outweighs supply. We expect supplies to increase in May as more supply comes online. See Carrot availability.


Growers are reporting steady supply and demand of conventional and organic lemons in California. Organic volumes are expected to remain steady through May, and conventional through July. You can expect a gap between July and September when Mexico ramps up, so we recommend buyers stock up on lemons now to be covered during the gap while supply is strong out of CA. Sizes are peaking on the larger side due to fruit hanging on the trees longer while the market was low with light demand earlier in the season. See Lemon availability.

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Produce Trends - April 11, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Apr 11, 2022 1:00:00 AM


The jumbo carrot market is steadying off this week. You can find organic and conventional carrots out of Bakersfield on the Marketplace now. Product out of Mexico, mostly conventional, is down in supply and demand. We are seeing a wide range of quality. See Carrot availability.


Cauliflower prices are rising due to a lower yield, while demand remains consistent. Quality is fair with good weight and coloring. Sizes are varying now, but are expected to improve over the next few weeks. See Cauliflower availability.


The lemon market is steady this week with availability out of District 2 (Oxnard/Riverside, CA) and District 1 (Desert Region). D1 has mostly fancy-grade lemons, while most D2 has a solid supply of choice-grade lemons. Lemon availability is tighter for smaller-sized fruit, and peaking on larger sizes. Supply is expected to remain steady. See Lemon availability.

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Produce Trends - April 4, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Apr 4, 2022 9:48:25 AM


We are seeing high demand on all types of carrots - organic and conventional out of the US and Canada. Supply out of Mexico is mostly conventional, and it has been light due to an unusually wet winter. We expect Mexican supply to increase as the season ramps up in April. Organic supply should improve in May when additional supply comes online as the California growing region transitions. See Carrot availability.


Ginger supply is still tight across the board as we are in the low season for availability. Supplies should increase in July. You can expect availability out of Miami to tighten even more as less product has been shipped out of Peru and prices are expected to rise. Lead time is on the higher side to aggregate full truck load quantities. See Ginger availability.


Demand and pricing have strengthened this week on both conventional and organic Valencias out of Mexico. Harvests and packing are back to a regular schedule, resulting in steady supply. The organic season was originally estimated to end in April, but is now likely going through mid-May. The Conventional season will last until late June. You can expect California Valencias to start in mid-May or June and run through Sept. or Oct. See Orange availability.

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Produce Trends - March 21, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Mar 21, 2022 12:19:04 AM


Growers are reporting steady to lighter supplies of red and green cabbage as we get past the increased demand on St. Patrick’s Day. You can expect a small gap between the desert volume winding down at the end of March and northern Salinas supply coming online in April. For Napa Cabbage, Yuma growers are reporting heavy supplies for now. Napa will transition to Salinas starting at the beginning of April with moderate supply and lighter weights expected then. You can expect supply on all cabbages to start to lighten up at the end of March due to the transition from Yuma to Salinas. The Salinas season will go through mid-November. See Cabbage availability.


Demand is still high on all types of organic and conventional carrots. Mexico's supply is primarily conventional, crossing through McAllen, TX. With the Canadian season over, demand for Mexican product is higher. Supply should remain light until the season ramps up in April. We expect organic carrots to remain tight until May when more suppliers come back online. See Carrot availability.


Mexican Valencia supply is steady for fancy and juice fruit, with limited choice grade available. The season was originally estimated to end in April, but is now likely going through mid-May. Peak sizes are 72/88ct with a limited volume of 113/138ct available. California Valencias will start in mid-May/June and run through Sept./Oct. California Navel supply out of the central valley & southern coastal regions is steady now but will start winding down as we head into April. Demand for Organic Navels has diminished in the last two weeks, causing growers to slow their harvests. We expect the season to last through April. See Orange availability.

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Produce Trends - February 28, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Feb 28, 2022 1:00:00 AM


The major carrot growing regions are in transition from the San Joaquin Valley to the Imperial Valley, causing limited supplies of jumbos. Supplies are expected to get better when size increases in March. See Carrot availability.


Value-added celery, like sticks, is limited as demand is greater than supply due to capacity constraints. Whole celery has steady availability at this time. Supplies should increase around March. See Celery availability.


Cabbage supply has been affected by some insect presence in the desert region of California recently. Specifically, organic cabbage is showing some damage from Aphids infestation. Pricing remains on the higher end at this time.
See Marketplace availability.

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Produce Trends - February 14, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Feb 14, 2022 2:32:00 PM


Orange supply out of Mexico has nearly completed the transition into true Valencias from the early variety, Hamlins. Growers are reporting good yields on fancy and choice-grade fruit. However, we expect a limited volume of juice grade fruit available for the next few weeks. Average Brix is 10 to 11.5 and acid is 1 to 1.2, varying per field. Head to the Marketplace for current availability of Mexican Valencias, as well as California Navels. See Orange availability.


Carrot supplies remain tight, with demand outpacing supply for the most part. Jumbos on the West coast are especially tight, but there is some steady supply out of Mexico. We expect this volatility to continue for at least the remainder of February. See Ginger availability.


Overall, the organic carrot market remains limited at this time with some suppliers gapping and Mexico producing mainly conventional product. We do have some Nantes available on The Marketplace out of California while supplies last. Conventional carrots are primarily coming out of Mexico, loading in McAllen, TX. See Carrot availability.

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