Produce Trends - August 15, 2022


Overall, cucumber markets are steady with good volume available on both coasts. The west coast has especially strong supplies out of Santa Maria and Baja. On the East Coast, supply out of Michigan is up. You can anticipate California volume to decrease and the market to be slightly tighter over the coming weeks. See Cucumber availability.


Carrot markets are steady, with plentiful supply out of Mexico and the Bakersfield, CA region. With school starting up soon, demand is increasing, especially for value-added/snack pack carrots. See Carrot availability.


The cauliflower market is mostly steady this week, with strong supply and moderate demand. Salinas and Santa Maria, CA continue to produce good supplies. However, Mexico is producing lower yields due to some pest issues caused by hot and humid weather. 9ct and 16ct Cauliflower are tighter than other sizes. See Cauliflower availability.