Produce Trends - August 8, 2022

Full Harvest August 8, 2022


Bell Pepper supplies are strong, and prices are sightly lower this week as both the east and west coast are in steady production. On the West Coast, Green and Red Bells are shipping out of the San Joaquin Valley, CA with moderate supply and good demand. Oxnard Bells are lighter, and newer regions are starting out of Gilroy and Hollister, CA. On the East Coast, Michigan, and Ohio are in full swing along with several southern states. As more regions come fully online, you can expect the market to decrease. See Bell Pepper availability.


Apple supply out of Washington is steady, with moderate demand. You can expect tight markets for Gala, Fuji, and Golden Delicious varieties as we approach mid-to-late August and Washington nears the end of the current crop. You can find California Galas and Braeburns on the Marketplace now. See Apple availability.


Lemons out of the Central Valley, CA are finished, and Oxnard/Ventura County, CA is now the main growing region. You can expect a gap in supply since harvesting ended in June and new crop production will start in early November. The crop is peaking on 140’s and smaller Choice sizes, while larger sizes are tight. Domestic supply should continue to tighten up. See Lemon availability.