A world with no food waste & 100% full harvests.

Full Harvest was born out of my passion for the environment, affordable healthy food, and efficiencies. While scaling one of the first cold-pressed juice companies, Organic Avenue, I loved their mission for healthy food products but was frustrated that they were making $13 green juices. The high price point was due to purchasing expensive perfect-looking produce to then just immediately process it. I also noticed everything being done offline in the food industry, a critical market that we all rely on, while the rest of the world was going digital. In 2014, I moved to California to find a way to create a more sustainable, efficient produce supply chain leveraging technology and my 10+ years of operations and food experience. 

During a farm visit, while watching romaine heart harvesting, I found myself stepping calf-deep on beautiful, edible romaine leaves that were about to be churned under back into the ground. Up to 75% of the romaine head was being wasted in order to pack the perfect-looking center romaine heart for grocery stores - more was being wasted than was being consumed. Yet, the wasted edible outside leaves would have been perfect for the green juices we had just been making. I was shocked to find out that more than 25 percent of all edible produce globally does not even leave the farm level. Meanwhile, climate change is escalating and people are going hungry. This is unacceptable wasting so much precious food, all while running out of land, water and healthy soil. I vowed to not stop until this problem is solved. Humanity depends on it.

We now understand that in order to solve the food waste problem exponentially faster, we need to solve for all aspects of the on-farm food loss problem - including access and data. In order to solve for these, it is imperative to bring the entire produce industry online to ensure 100% full harvests. Expanding our marketplace capabilities to include all USDA Grade 1 produce, not just our expertise of surplus and imperfect, is a crucial step towards creating a more sustainable produce industry.

At Full Harvest, our vision is a world where there is 0% food waste and 100% 'full harvests', where all edible produce grown goes towards consumption. We aim to reinvent the produce supply chain with technology to bring the industry online for the first time ever and maximize resources.

Join our movement,


Christine Moseley,

Founder & CEO

Christine Moseley