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Each week we post current produce trends to keep you up-to-date on production and seasonal conditions as well as current commodity availability.

Produce Trends - Dec 19, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Dec 19, 2022 1:00:00 AM


The apple market continues to experience limited supplies and increased pricing overall. According to a recent industry survey, U.S. fresh apple inventories in storage on December 1 of this year were down 7% compared with last year and off 14% compared with the five-year average. Processing grade apples in storage are at around 41 million cartons, which is about 8% less than last year on December 1. See Apple availability.


Celery markets continue to tighten, resulting in increased pricing. At this time, 30ct product has the highest availability, while value-added product like sticks are especially in light supply. Most product is coming out of the Oxnard/Santa Maria regions and quality is good. We expect tight supplies to last until the New Year. See Celery availability.


Domestic Navels are in steady supply with good quality at this time. The smaller fruits have the strongest availability, but we expect 72ct and large to improve as the season progresses. Brix levels are at 11-12, and upcoming cooler weather will help color up the fruit naturally and increase sugar in the next few weeks. See Orange availability.

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Produce Trends - Dec 5, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Dec 5, 2022 9:42:31 AM


The Apple market is mixed depending on the variety and size constraint, and overall, we expect pricing to trend upwards over the next few weeks. Granny Smiths are tight, especially for the smaller-sized fruit. Pricing for small Grannys and Red Delicious are expected to continue to increase over the coming weeks due to demand outpacing supply. Fujis are also tight for smaller sizes, with better availability for larger apples. See Apple availability.


The Broccoli market remains steady but somewhat tight. Supplies continue to tighten, resulting in higher prices. Upcoming cooler weather is expected to drive the market even higher. See Broccoli availability.


Cabbage supplies are starting to come down, with demand increasing simultaneously. This has driven market pricing up. You can find organic Napa out of California on the Marketplace now.  See Cabbage availability.

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Produce Trends - Nov 21, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Nov 21, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Lemon supply and demand are both steady this week. Pricing and quality are good. The new crop of lemons is coming online out of Southern California, with good quality and increasing supply on the market. We have some good deals on juicer-grade product loading out of California and Arizona on the Marketplace now. See Lemon availability.


Lime supplies are good overall and peaking on the 110–175cts. The new Mexican crop is coming out of Veracruz and Yucatan. Smaller-sized fruit is tight. Mexican markets are slightly higher than the US at this time due to differences in demand. According to suppliers, you can expect pricing to increase after the Thanksgiving holiday. See the Marketplace for availability.


The crop out of Washington this year was predicted to be down at least 10%, with some growers now reporting up to a 30% decrease. There is little surplus availability outside of what growers are using to fulfill contracts. Small-sized Granny Smiths are reported to be getting especially tight. Quality is good. See Apple availability.

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Produce Trends - Oct 24, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Oct 24, 2022 10:00:56 AM


Overall, the apple market is tight and peaking on larger size and higher grade fruit. You can expect small and off-grade fruits to be on the tighter side for the remainder of the season. Fuji supply should improve as new crop harvests continue, while Gala apples supply is solid. You can find options on the Marketplace out of California, Michigan, and Washington now. See Apple availability.


Celery supply and quality are good, with light production out of Salinas and stronger supply out of Oxnard and Santa Maria, CA. However, there are some supply challenges in the growing regions outside California, putting more pressure on California availability and driving prices up.  See Celery availability.

summer squash

The squash market is steady overall this week. On the West Coast, availability out of Nogales is increasing, while Baja and California squash are both finishing up. East coast supply is light out of Georgia and South Carolina due to cold temperatures. This has led to demand outweighing supply, increased pricing, and buyers looking to the West Coast to fill their needs. See Summer Squash availability.

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Produce Trends - August 8, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Aug 8, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Bell Pepper supplies are strong, and prices are sightly lower this week as both the east and west coast are in steady production. On the West Coast, Green and Red Bells are shipping out of the San Joaquin Valley, CA with moderate supply and good demand. Oxnard Bells are lighter, and newer regions are starting out of Gilroy and Hollister, CA. On the East Coast, Michigan, and Ohio are in full swing along with several southern states. As more regions come fully online, you can expect the market to decrease. See Bell Pepper availability.


Apple supply out of Washington is steady, with moderate demand. You can expect tight markets for Gala, Fuji, and Golden Delicious varieties as we approach mid-to-late August and Washington nears the end of the current crop. You can find California Galas and Braeburns on the Marketplace now. See Apple availability.


Lemons out of the Central Valley, CA are finished, and Oxnard/Ventura County, CA is now the main growing region. You can expect a gap in supply since harvesting ended in June and new crop production will start in early November. The crop is peaking on 140’s and smaller Choice sizes, while larger sizes are tight. Domestic supply should continue to tighten up. See Lemon availability.

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Produce Trends - June 6, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jun 3, 2022 2:18:47 PM


Orange prices have reached a ten-year high in 2022, and are expected to continue trending upward. Greening and poor weather caused one of Florida’s lowest ever crop yields earlier this year, while California growers dealt with labor and truck shortages. As the growing region transitions, availability switches from Navels to Valencias, and as we approach summer, pricing is expected to continue rising. Supply is peaking on large fancy grade and small choice grade fruit at this time. See Orange availability.

bell pepper

Prices for green bell peppers are steady overall but slightly lower on the east coast as Georgia continues to ramp up. Quality is good, with sizes peaking on larger peppers. Coachella supplies remain limited, with sizes on the smaller end as the season finishes. Red and yellow bell pepper prices are still on the higher side, with limited supply expected for the rest of June. The transition to Bakersfield is likely to happen over the next two weeks and should increase supplies. See Bell Pepper availability.


All varieties of apples are mostly steady in availability out of Washington. Small Galas and Fuji’s are more limited as the remaining supply is on the larger side. In addition, there are some late storage season quality challenges as shippers are getting to the end of last season’s pack out. You can find organic Fujis and Honeycrisps posted on the Marketplace now. See Apple availability.

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