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Produce Trends - Sept 7, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Sep 7, 2022 9:30:07 AM


Quality is good for both Honeydew and Cantaloupe Melons this week. Supply is light for Honeydew, but with a great mix of sizes available and very high sugars. Cantaloupe supply is steady, with a good mix of sizes. See Melon availability.


Carrot supplies are steady this week, with moderate supply and demand. Availability out of Mexico is down, while the Bakersfield, CA growing region is up and running strong. Demand for snack pack and other processed carrots is up as the new school year starts. See Carrot availability.


Pineapple volumes are light due to the storm season in the Tropics. Supplies are especially light on 5-6ct product, with 7-8ct available as a substitute. You can expect tight supply for larger pineapples to continue until mid-September. See Pineapple availability.

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Produce Trends - August 29, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Aug 29, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Overall, cucumbers are showing steady supply and demand on both coasts. However, recent rainy weather on the East Coast is affecting supply and quality. Prices are up on the West Coast due to strong demand. Supply should increase over the next few weeks and bring down the market. Cucumber supplies out of Baja and Mexico are tight. See Cucumber availability.


Pears out of Washington are steady in demand and volume, with Bartletts just getting started and Anjou Pears now finished. As Washington volume picks up over the next few weeks, you can expect prices to come down. California pears are still available, and you can find organic Bartletts posted on the Marketplace now. See Pear availability.


The squash market is up with light supplies on both coasts this week. On the East Coast, the weather is affecting availability and quality, leading to higher pricing and a tight market. Western supplies are also being affected by heat in the Santa Maria region. Zucchini on the west coast will continue to be short until Central CA starts in the next week or two. Yellow Squash is also tight, but less so than zucchini on the West Coast. See Summer Squash availability.

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Produce Trends - August 15, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Aug 15, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Overall, cucumber markets are steady with good volume available on both coasts. The west coast has especially strong supplies out of Santa Maria and Baja. On the East Coast, supply out of Michigan is up. You can anticipate California volume to decrease and the market to be slightly tighter over the coming weeks. See Cucumber availability.


Carrot markets are steady, with plentiful supply out of Mexico and the Bakersfield, CA region. With school starting up soon, demand is increasing, especially for value-added/snack pack carrots. See Carrot availability.


The cauliflower market is mostly steady this week, with strong supply and moderate demand. Salinas and Santa Maria, CA continue to produce good supplies. However, Mexico is producing lower yields due to some pest issues caused by hot and humid weather. 9ct and 16ct Cauliflower are tighter than other sizes. See Cauliflower availability.

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Produce Trends - August 1, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Aug 1, 2022 10:32:11 AM


Cauliflower prices are down this week due to steady supply. Quality is good overall but shows a range of sizes and some minor bruising. Availability continues to peak on 12ct product. Check out current availability on the Marketplace, including some great deals on the surplus wrapped product. See Cauliflower availability.


Cucumber supplies are good at this time, causing the pricing to come down. However, you can expect high temperatures to slow down production and availability over the next few weeks, potentially causing higher prices. Baja production will be picking up shortly, and product out of Central Mexico will be loading out of Texas. See Cucumber availability.

Bell Pepper

The West Coast bell pepper market continues to be high with tight availability. Western green bells are especially short and expected to remain in low volumes for at least another 2-3 weeks. Red and yellow bells are in a more steady supply at this time. On the East Coast, green bell supplies are solid with good quality and strong demand. However, Red and yellow bells are extremely short. High heat over the next few weeks is expected to limit production and reduce supply further. See Bell Pepper availability.

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Produce Trends - July 6, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jul 6, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Lemon markets are currently steady with good quality. Availability has shifted from mostly large fancy grade lemons to smaller choice grade as the central coast becomes the dominant region. The Central Valley has some supply left with peak sizes currently being 115ct and larger. Oxnard/Ventura County is the main growing region with sizing peaking on 140ct and smaller fruit. Choice grade fruit is expected to dominate the market, while fancy grade fruit will be tighter and more expensive. See Lemon availability.


Jumbo carrots remain tight. The Bakersfield, CA Harvest has started, but sizing is still on the smaller side at this time. You can anticipate supply to ramp up over the next few weeks You can find organic and conventional carrots in a variety of grades on the Marketplace now. See Carrot availability.


The cucumber market is tight overall with strong demand and increased pricing. Georgia is finished, which has reduced overall supply while the crop transitions to northern areas. West Coast supplies are moderate but are anticipated to tighten further due to strong demand and transition in growing regions. Quality is good. See Cucumber availability.

Tags: lemon, cucumber, carrot

Produce Trends - June 1, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jun 1, 2022 12:45:00 AM


Cucumber supply is steady with availability on both coasts now. The Nogales cucumber crop is winding down, but there are still a few growers with availability remaining. Baja west-coast cukes are moving steadily with good volume. East-coast supply is increasing as Georgia starts to have some light availability this week.
. See Cucumber availability.


Mexican supply is decreasing on both conventional and organic Valencias loading out of Nogales, AZ. The organic season will end completely by the second week of June, while the conventional season will last through late June. California Valencias are just getting started so volume is still ramping. Choice and juice grade fruit is especially limited right now. Some organic growers have delayed harvests to let the fruit ripen and color further. You can expect the volume of juice fruit to be more plentiful towards the middle of June. See Orange availability.


Growers are reporting tight supply and higher prices on both organic and conventional green cabbage. Some growers are barely able to cover their contracted volume. It's been unseasonably cool this Spring in Salinas, resulting in slow growth, harvesting delays, and mostly small to medium size product. The common defects right now are internal Burn (browning) and seeder. The supply on both Green and Napa cabbage is expected to remain tight in the short term while the growers wait for the head sizes to increase. The Salinas season should last through mid-November, so please reach out to about any late summer cabbage needs to lock in pricing and volumes now.
See Cabbage availability.

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Produce Trends - May 16, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on May 13, 2022 12:56:41 PM

Melons (Cantaloupe, honeydew & watermelon)

Cantaloupe and Honeydew prices are trending down as volume increases. Central American imports loading out of Florida will continue for the next 2 weeks and supply out of Nogales is picking up. The Imperial Valley, California region is getting started as well. Watermelon supply is steady out of Florida and Mexico with good quality. See Melon availability.


Growers are reporting steady supply and demand of conventional and organic lemons in California. You can expect organic supply to remain steady through May and conventional through late June. There will be a gap in the summer from July to September, so we recommend stocking up on volume now to ensure you are covered. Mexico ramps up in late August and California will be back with a strong supply towards the end of October. The market during the summer gap will rely on imports from Chile and South Africa, but this product is primarily in cartons and fancy/choice grade. There is very limited juice grade coming from overseas. See Lemon availability.


East-coast cucumber supply is steady, with Georgia getting started this week. In Nogales, the spring crop is strong with solid availability and good quality. The Baja region continues to grow in volume as more growers come online. See Cucumber availability.

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Produce Trends - November 15, 2021

Posted by Full Harvest on Nov 15, 2021 12:00:00 AM


We are seeing limited volume on fancy and juice grade oranges out of Mexico, but availability should improve towards the end of the month as we enter into peak season. California Navels are high in quality (lots of fancy grade), with little choice and juice grade supply available. Supply should increase in 2-3 weeks or so. California Valencias are close to finished at this time, but please reach out if you are in need. See orange availability.


The majority of cucumber supply right now is coming out of Nogales, AZ and McAllen, TX. In the Southeast, Georgia is winding down, and Central Florida is just getting started. Availability could lower later into the winter, so we recommend taking advantage of solid pricing and high volumes now. See cucumber availability.


District 3 (Coachella & Mesa, California) is fully online and shipping new-crop lemons out of Riverside. Quality is really good on fancy and juice grade. Suppliers in the desert & Yuma region should start harvesting soon, although later than expected due to rain. Mexican growers are finishing up harvests in the next week. Expect the Mexican season to fully end after Thanksgiving, causing California prices to increase. You can find great pricing for juicer lemon on the Marketplace now. See lemon availability.

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