Produce Trends - July 6, 2022


Lemon markets are currently steady with good quality. Availability has shifted from mostly large fancy grade lemons to smaller choice grade as the central coast becomes the dominant region. The Central Valley has some supply left with peak sizes currently being 115ct and larger. Oxnard/Ventura County is the main growing region with sizing peaking on 140ct and smaller fruit. Choice grade fruit is expected to dominate the market, while fancy grade fruit will be tighter and more expensive. See Lemon availability.


Jumbo carrots remain tight. The Bakersfield, CA Harvest has started, but sizing is still on the smaller side at this time. You can anticipate supply to ramp up over the next few weeks You can find organic and conventional carrots in a variety of grades on the Marketplace now. See Carrot availability.


The cucumber market is tight overall with strong demand and increased pricing. Georgia is finished, which has reduced overall supply while the crop transitions to northern areas. West Coast supplies are moderate but are anticipated to tighten further due to strong demand and transition in growing regions. Quality is good. See Cucumber availability.