Produce Trends - June 27, 2022


Lemon markets are mostly steady at this time with good quality. Out of the central California Coast, peak availability has shifted from large fancy to smaller choice grade fruits. You can find organic and conventional juicer lemons out of California on the Marketplace now. See Lemon availability.


The cauliflower market has a steady supply and good quality. Some growers are reporting reduced yields due to higher temps in the growing region. Cauliflower availability out of Salinas and Santa Maria is strong, keeping pricing steady. You can expect good quality and aggressive pricing to continue this week. See Cauliflower availability.


The Kale market is steady with solid pricing and supplies. Upcoming heat on the West Coast could affect quality and availability in the coming weeks. You can find Curly, Red, and Lacinto Kale available out of California on the Marketplace now. See Kale availability.