Produce Trends - Sept 7, 2022

Full Harvest September 7, 2022


Quality is good for both Honeydew and Cantaloupe Melons this week. Supply is light for Honeydew, but with a great mix of sizes available and very high sugars. Cantaloupe supply is steady, with a good mix of sizes. See Melon availability.


Carrot supplies are steady this week, with moderate supply and demand. Availability out of Mexico is down, while the Bakersfield, CA growing region is up and running strong. Demand for snack pack and other processed carrots is up as the new school year starts. See Carrot availability.


Pineapple volumes are light due to the storm season in the Tropics. Supplies are especially light on 5-6ct product, with 7-8ct available as a substitute. You can expect tight supply for larger pineapples to continue until mid-September. See Pineapple availability.