Produce Trends - Nov 21, 2022

Full Harvest November 21, 2022


Lemon supply and demand are both steady this week. Pricing and quality are good. The new crop of lemons is coming online out of Southern California, with good quality and increasing supply on the market. We have some good deals on juicer-grade product loading out of California and Arizona on the Marketplace now. See Lemon availability.


Lime supplies are good overall and peaking on the 110–175cts. The new Mexican crop is coming out of Veracruz and Yucatan. Smaller-sized fruit is tight. Mexican markets are slightly higher than the US at this time due to differences in demand. According to suppliers, you can expect pricing to increase after the Thanksgiving holiday. See the Marketplace for availability.


The crop out of Washington this year was predicted to be down at least 10%, with some growers now reporting up to a 30% decrease. There is little surplus availability outside of what growers are using to fulfill contracts. Small-sized Granny Smiths are reported to be getting especially tight. Quality is good. See Apple availability.