Produce Trends - Nov 30, 2022

Full Harvest November 30, 2022

Bell Pepper

We are anticipating the bell pepper market to be extremely tight going into next year, especially for processing-grade peppers, due to the lower supply available. Many large buyers are starting to lock in their contracts now for supply starting in June, leaving limited availability on the spot market. We encourage you to contact your rep ASAP to discuss locking in your 2023 needs via setting up a contract or program. See Bell Pepper availability.


Supply of California Navels is strong overall, with great deals on the smaller-sized fruit and some limitations on the larger product. Over the coming weeks, you can anticipate the cooler weather to bring better color and quality. Out of Mexico, early Valencias are showing a steady supply of the Hamlin variety in both organic and conventional. See Orange availability.


Carrots are currently shipping from California, Michigan, Mexico, and Canada. Supply is mixed, with some limitations on organics due to seasonality and transitioning growing regions. Pricing is currently high due to increased demand, but there is volume available.  See Carrot availability.