Produce Trends - Nov 14, 2022

Full Harvest November 14, 2022


The cauliflower market is extremely tight at this time with supplies out of Salinas and Santa Maria, CA both limited. Heat, rain, and then cold temperatures have affected availability and prevented more supply from coming online. Demand is high, and you can expect the market to remain tight over the next week at least. See the Marketplace for availability.


Broccoli suppliers are limited at this time. Recent rain in the Salinas, CA area has further limited an already tight supply as the end of the season approached. There have been some quality issues causing lower yields as well. You can expect this market to remain high over the next week. See Broccoli availability.


The celery market is very active as demand increases due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Oxnard and Santa Maria, CA are the main growing areas with strong availability as Salinas is finishing up. Supply is peaking on larger size. Recent rain and cold temperatures have begun to slow down production, but quality remains good. See Celery availability.