Produce Trends - Oct 31, 2022

Full Harvest October 31, 2022


Lemon supplies are improving as the new crop volume increases with mostly Fancy grade, mid-sized fruit. The older crop is dominated by choice-grade, smaller fruit. The California Desert/Arizona and San Joaquin regions are now the main growing areas. See Lemon availability.


Overall, carrot supplies are steady except for organic rainbows. Extreme heat back in August and September tightened supplies and drove the market up. Supply should continue to increase throughout the rest of November and drive the market back down.  See Carrot availability.


The broccoli market is steady, with supplies improving and demand slightly down. We are hearing good demand, good supply, and fair-to-good quality this week. Recently, some issues with pin rot causing lower yields, but this has improved. See Broccoli availability.