Produce Trends - Oct 17, 2022

Full Harvest October 17, 2022


Carrot supplies are tightening up as we get further into the Fall season. This is expected with seasonality and weather changes this time of year. Out of California, supply is slightly stronger on conventional products, yet tight overall. See Carrot availability.


Overall, the Grapefruit market is limited right now. Out of California, the new desert crop is just starting, and sizing is on the smaller side. The crop is ranging from 32 to 88ct, and peaking at 64-72ct. The season will be fully ramped in mid-November and is expected to last through the Spring. The Mexican grapefruit season will start in 1-2 weeks and last through early March. See Grapefruit availability.


The California Valencia season is finished for the majority of suppliers. Demand is currently high for Valencias due to the lower supply available in the market. The Mexican season will begin in early November. At this point, the crop is looking strong, and there is better fruit set over last season. However, growers are still projecting lower yields than typical. California Navels will begin shortly and ramp up in November and December. The USDA estimates a 19% larger California Navel crop this upcoming season! Florida Valencias are primarily conventional and run from October through May generally. This season’s forecast is projected to be down 25% from last season, and there could be even a higher decrease due to damage from Hurricane. See Orange availability.