Produce Trends - Dec 14, 2022

Full Harvest December 14, 2022


Chinese conventional ginger is currently short due to a stall in production and shipping. The market is expected to become even tighter in January because of the Chinese New Year holiday at the end of the month. We anticipate this to cause pressure on supply from Peru, Brazil, and Costa Rica to increase. The entire market should face more demand in the New Year with the surge in healthy eating and increased demand for ginger-based products. We recommend getting in touch soon to pre-book for any demand over the next several weeks and into the new year. See Ginger availability.


Carrots are currently in production out of California, Michigan, Mexico, and Canada. Supply is moderate overall and especially light on organics due to seasonality and transitioning growing regions, as well as Jumbos. Pricing is slightly high, but volume is steady. See Carrot availability.


Lemons are primarily shipping out of central California and the desert now, with some additional limited Mexico supply. Conventional and organic product are both strong. Quality is good, and the market is expected to remain steady through February.  See Lemon availability.