Produce Trends - Oct 3, 2022


The Cauliflower market is rising quickly due to tight supplies. Last week’s heat wave caused limited supply, and prices increased 36% from the previous week to a 10-year high! Pending more extreme weather, the market should hold steady going forward. Quality and sizing are mixed. See Cauliflower availability.

Summer Squash

Pear supply out of Washington is strong, while California is nearly finished for the season. So far, quality is high out of Washington with the majority of product packing out as #1. Pricing is steady. You can find organic Bartletts posted on the Marketplace now. See Summer Squash availability.


Lemon markets are up this week, with light supplies due to growing area transitions and high temperatures. Quality and volume will improve as the new crop gets started this week and production begins to ramp up. Currently, supply is peaking on choice grade 200 and 235cts. See Lemon availability.