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Produce Trends - Sept 12, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Sep 12, 2022 9:58:50 AM

Summer squash

This week, supplies are on the lighter side for zucchini and yellow squash on both coasts. California is transitioning growing regions, and Nogales is still a few weeks away from strong production. Extreme heat is also affecting quality and availability in the West. Supply is mixed on the East Coast but expected to improve in the coming weeks, with availability out of South Carolina, Georgia, and Michigan. See Summer Squash availability.


Orange markets are high this week, with an especially tight supply of smaller fruits. California Valencia suppliers are limiting harvests to stretch the season through October. Quality is fair, but high temperatures are putting some stress and weakening the California fruits. See Orange availability.


Green and Red bells out of San Joaquin Valley, California, are steady with moderate supply and good demand. However, the recent heat wave in California is starting to affect the harvest. There may be some quality issues with softness due to this heat wave that we will experience later in October. Bell pepper supplies on the East Coast are light. See Bell Pepper availability.

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Produce Trends - Sept 7, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Sep 7, 2022 9:30:07 AM


Quality is good for both Honeydew and Cantaloupe Melons this week. Supply is light for Honeydew, but with a great mix of sizes available and very high sugars. Cantaloupe supply is steady, with a good mix of sizes. See Melon availability.


Carrot supplies are steady this week, with moderate supply and demand. Availability out of Mexico is down, while the Bakersfield, CA growing region is up and running strong. Demand for snack pack and other processed carrots is up as the new school year starts. See Carrot availability.


Pineapple volumes are light due to the storm season in the Tropics. Supplies are especially light on 5-6ct product, with 7-8ct available as a substitute. You can expect tight supply for larger pineapples to continue until mid-September. See Pineapple availability.

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Produce Trends - August 29, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Aug 29, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Overall, cucumbers are showing steady supply and demand on both coasts. However, recent rainy weather on the East Coast is affecting supply and quality. Prices are up on the West Coast due to strong demand. Supply should increase over the next few weeks and bring down the market. Cucumber supplies out of Baja and Mexico are tight. See Cucumber availability.


Pears out of Washington are steady in demand and volume, with Bartletts just getting started and Anjou Pears now finished. As Washington volume picks up over the next few weeks, you can expect prices to come down. California pears are still available, and you can find organic Bartletts posted on the Marketplace now. See Pear availability.


The squash market is up with light supplies on both coasts this week. On the East Coast, the weather is affecting availability and quality, leading to higher pricing and a tight market. Western supplies are also being affected by heat in the Santa Maria region. Zucchini on the west coast will continue to be short until Central CA starts in the next week or two. Yellow Squash is also tight, but less so than zucchini on the West Coast. See Summer Squash availability.

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Produce Trends - August 22, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Aug 22, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Overall, celery production continues to be strong with high availability out of Salinas and Southern California. Demand is moderate, leading to excess inventory and lower prices. Organic celery is especially strong this week, with prices at times below the conventional market. We recommend taking advantage of deals now while prices are low. See Celery availability.


The cauliflower market is flat this week, with good supply out of Salinas and Santa Maria and fairly good demand reported. There is little surplus product available. However, there are good opportunities for wrapped cauliflower. If you can handle wrapped product, we recommend taking advantage of deals on the excess product now. See Cauliflower availability.


The orange market is flat this week with supply remaining tight overall. Supplies of domestic Valencia oranges are loosening up due to more imported citrus becoming available. Quality is good with some regreening present in domestic product. Sizing is peaking on 88, 72, and 56 count product. See Orange availability.

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Produce Trends - August 15, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Aug 15, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Overall, cucumber markets are steady with good volume available on both coasts. The west coast has especially strong supplies out of Santa Maria and Baja. On the East Coast, supply out of Michigan is up. You can anticipate California volume to decrease and the market to be slightly tighter over the coming weeks. See Cucumber availability.


Carrot markets are steady, with plentiful supply out of Mexico and the Bakersfield, CA region. With school starting up soon, demand is increasing, especially for value-added/snack pack carrots. See Carrot availability.


The cauliflower market is mostly steady this week, with strong supply and moderate demand. Salinas and Santa Maria, CA continue to produce good supplies. However, Mexico is producing lower yields due to some pest issues caused by hot and humid weather. 9ct and 16ct Cauliflower are tighter than other sizes. See Cauliflower availability.

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Produce Trends - August 8, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Aug 8, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Bell Pepper supplies are strong, and prices are sightly lower this week as both the east and west coast are in steady production. On the West Coast, Green and Red Bells are shipping out of the San Joaquin Valley, CA with moderate supply and good demand. Oxnard Bells are lighter, and newer regions are starting out of Gilroy and Hollister, CA. On the East Coast, Michigan, and Ohio are in full swing along with several southern states. As more regions come fully online, you can expect the market to decrease. See Bell Pepper availability.


Apple supply out of Washington is steady, with moderate demand. You can expect tight markets for Gala, Fuji, and Golden Delicious varieties as we approach mid-to-late August and Washington nears the end of the current crop. You can find California Galas and Braeburns on the Marketplace now. See Apple availability.


Lemons out of the Central Valley, CA are finished, and Oxnard/Ventura County, CA is now the main growing region. You can expect a gap in supply since harvesting ended in June and new crop production will start in early November. The crop is peaking on 140’s and smaller Choice sizes, while larger sizes are tight. Domestic supply should continue to tighten up. See Lemon availability.

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Produce Trends - August 1, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Aug 1, 2022 10:32:11 AM


Cauliflower prices are down this week due to steady supply. Quality is good overall but shows a range of sizes and some minor bruising. Availability continues to peak on 12ct product. Check out current availability on the Marketplace, including some great deals on the surplus wrapped product. See Cauliflower availability.


Cucumber supplies are good at this time, causing the pricing to come down. However, you can expect high temperatures to slow down production and availability over the next few weeks, potentially causing higher prices. Baja production will be picking up shortly, and product out of Central Mexico will be loading out of Texas. See Cucumber availability.

Bell Pepper

The West Coast bell pepper market continues to be high with tight availability. Western green bells are especially short and expected to remain in low volumes for at least another 2-3 weeks. Red and yellow bells are in a more steady supply at this time. On the East Coast, green bell supplies are solid with good quality and strong demand. However, Red and yellow bells are extremely short. High heat over the next few weeks is expected to limit production and reduce supply further. See Bell Pepper availability.

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Produce Trends - July 25, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jul 25, 2022 10:48:04 AM


Conventional and Organic carrots are in strong supply right now out of CA and MX. Supply is expected to be strong until early September, when growers may start seeing quality issues. New regions in CA will pick up late September and supply is expected to be strong through the Fall and early Winter. See Carrot availability.


Supply out of California’s D2 (coastal region) is coming to an end. This region produces rougher fruit given the harsher growing conditions. The new crop out of D3 (desert) will start in mid-August. Weekly load volume of Organic Juice grade available September through February. In Mexico, the season is just beginning. Supply will ramp as we head into August and will be strong through October. See Lemon availability.


Demand and pricing for Californa Valencias are currently high and will remain strong through the rest of the season. However, there is limited juice volume available as growers are packing a high volume of Fancy/#1 product. The state’s Valencia season will run through Sept./October. Expect the market to tighten even more in late September through October when CA finishes and MX hasn't started yet. See Orange availability.

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Produce Trends - July 18, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jul 18, 2022 1:00:00 AM


The Lemon market is steady overall, with less availability of fancy grade fruit than choice at this time. The peak available sizing and grade has shifted from large fancy to smaller choice grade fruit. Availability has shifted from the Central Valley to the Central California coast (Oxnard/Ventura Country). Fancy grade imports from Argentina and Chile are also starting up at this time. See Lemon availability.


Cauliflower supplies out of Salinas and Santa Maria, CA are both good at this time. However, pest issues due to high heat and humidity are causing lower yields in parts of Mexico. Overall, sizes are peaking on 12ct, with lower availability of 9ct and 16ct. See Cauliflower availability.


Carrot supplies are now high as the Bakersfield, CA region is in full production swing. You can find a variety of grades on the Full Harvest marketplace, both organic and conventional. See Carrot availability.

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Produce Trends - July 11, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jul 11, 2022 10:55:52 AM

Bell Pepper

The Red Bell market continues to be tight and is expected to remain that way for the coming week. Choice grade pricing is quite high while processing grade product is almost completely sold out due to low supply. Green Bells are in transition from Bakersfield, CA to the Central Valley, and growers are experiencing some early season issues resulting in low availability. The East Coast crop out of Georgia finished early due to high temperatures and humidity. This has resulted in Midwest buyers shifting their demand to the West Coast, tightening the market even further. See Marketplace for availability.


Growers are reporting strong demand and solid supply on both Conventional & Organic Valencias out of California. A majority of juice-grade supply is prebooked, resulting in little spot buy availability and forcing buyers to purchase choice or fancy grade at higher spot prices to meet their needs. The total CA Valencia crop this year is up over last year, but still only around 80% of what it was projected to be. Sizes are peaking on smaller fruit. Growers are expecting pricing to remain strong and/or increase through August. We recommend pre-booking as much of your demand as possible, as well as trying to take mixed sizes and additional citrus items as you are able. California Valencias will run through late September/early October, and Mexico will start-up in November. See Marketplace for availability.


Celery Markets are steady overall with solid demand and pricing. Some suppliers have been impacted by pith and seeder quality issues. Recent high temperatures have also affected the yield out of some fields, and could potentially result in less supply and higher prices. See Celery availability.

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Produce Trends - July 6, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jul 6, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Lemon markets are currently steady with good quality. Availability has shifted from mostly large fancy grade lemons to smaller choice grade as the central coast becomes the dominant region. The Central Valley has some supply left with peak sizes currently being 115ct and larger. Oxnard/Ventura County is the main growing region with sizing peaking on 140ct and smaller fruit. Choice grade fruit is expected to dominate the market, while fancy grade fruit will be tighter and more expensive. See Lemon availability.


Jumbo carrots remain tight. The Bakersfield, CA Harvest has started, but sizing is still on the smaller side at this time. You can anticipate supply to ramp up over the next few weeks You can find organic and conventional carrots in a variety of grades on the Marketplace now. See Carrot availability.


The cucumber market is tight overall with strong demand and increased pricing. Georgia is finished, which has reduced overall supply while the crop transitions to northern areas. West Coast supplies are moderate but are anticipated to tighten further due to strong demand and transition in growing regions. Quality is good. See Cucumber availability.

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Produce Trends - June 27, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jun 27, 2022 1:00:00 AM


Lemon markets are mostly steady at this time with good quality. Out of the central California Coast, peak availability has shifted from large fancy to smaller choice grade fruits. You can find organic and conventional juicer lemons out of California on the Marketplace now. See Lemon availability.


The cauliflower market has a steady supply and good quality. Some growers are reporting reduced yields due to higher temps in the growing region. Cauliflower availability out of Salinas and Santa Maria is strong, keeping pricing steady. You can expect good quality and aggressive pricing to continue this week. See Cauliflower availability.


The Kale market is steady with solid pricing and supplies. Upcoming heat on the West Coast could affect quality and availability in the coming weeks. You can find Curly, Red, and Lacinto Kale available out of California on the Marketplace now. See Kale availability.

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Produce Trends - June 22, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jun 22, 2022 1:00:00 AM


You can expect California Valencias to be tight for the next 2 weeks or so. Mexico has finished up, while California is just getting started now. This means peak availability is on fancy grade fruit and there is limited juice grade fruit. Some growers have delayed harvests as they wait another few weeks for the fruit to size up. Demand is high, leading to strong pricing and a tight market. See Orange availability.


The Cauliflower market is steady with solid supply and pricing. Supply should increase with the recent warm weather. You can expect Cauliflower availability to remain steady, with some minor variations in texture and bruising. See Cauliflower availability.


The Jumbo carrot market remains tight with light supply due to the current harvest being mainly smaller-sized carrots. The harvest in Bakersfield, CA harvest has begun. You can expect jumbos out of the region to start up in another couple of weeks and increase availability. You can find juicer and chunk carrots on the Marketplace now.. See Carrot availability.

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Produce Trends - June 13, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jun 13, 2022 12:21:28 AM


The Mexican season is in its last week for both conventional and organic Valencias loading out of Nogales, AZ. There may be some fruit left later on, but the quality will be rough as is typical for end-of-season fruit. In California, demand is strong for conventional and organic Valencias, while supply is tight. Multiple suppliers are reporting delayed harvests due to fruit taking a long time to size up. With the Mexico season ending and CA harvests delayed, growers are anticipating prices to increase on CA Valencias towards the end of June. Due to the short Navel season, some growers started harvesting Valencias early in May to fill Navel contracts. This has caused some growers to gap right now for the next 2-3 weeks. See Orange availability.


Growers are reporting steady supply and strong demand for conventional and organic grapefruit out of California. Organic product will be available through mid-July, with limited quantity from August to October. Mexico will start up again in mid-September. CA is peaking on larger sizes (23ct-36ct), but juice bins will contain all sizes (18ct-72ct). See Grapefruit availability.


Supply is tight for conventional and organic green cabbage due to a cooler Spring that caused slower growth and harvesting delays. Of the product that is available, smaller head sizes are most prevalent. For conventional napa cabbage, supply is steady and head sizes are smaller (14ct-18ct range). Supply is extremely limited for organic napa cabbage. Many suppliers will not start harvesting until late June. Overall, the supply of green & Napa cabbage is expected to remain tight in the short term while the market waits for the head sizes to increase. See Cabbage availability.

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Produce Trends - June 6, 2022

Posted by Full Harvest on Jun 3, 2022 2:18:47 PM


Orange prices have reached a ten-year high in 2022, and are expected to continue trending upward. Greening and poor weather caused one of Florida’s lowest ever crop yields earlier this year, while California growers dealt with labor and truck shortages. As the growing region transitions, availability switches from Navels to Valencias, and as we approach summer, pricing is expected to continue rising. Supply is peaking on large fancy grade and small choice grade fruit at this time. See Orange availability.

bell pepper

Prices for green bell peppers are steady overall but slightly lower on the east coast as Georgia continues to ramp up. Quality is good, with sizes peaking on larger peppers. Coachella supplies remain limited, with sizes on the smaller end as the season finishes. Red and yellow bell pepper prices are still on the higher side, with limited supply expected for the rest of June. The transition to Bakersfield is likely to happen over the next two weeks and should increase supplies. See Bell Pepper availability.


All varieties of apples are mostly steady in availability out of Washington. Small Galas and Fuji’s are more limited as the remaining supply is on the larger side. In addition, there are some late storage season quality challenges as shippers are getting to the end of last season’s pack out. You can find organic Fujis and Honeycrisps posted on the Marketplace now. See Apple availability.

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