Produce Trends - January 24, 2022

Full Harvest January 20, 2022


Multiple growers report high demand and limited supply of conventional and organic carrots. Rising Omicron cases have exacerbated ongoing labor shortages. Many suppliers find it challenging to find the labor force to pack existing contracts, forcing delayed orders and cancellations. In addition, we are seeing a low supply of chunks & plugs due to a lower yield of jumbos this winter. Out of Mexico, supply is limited on organic carrots, but there is some conventional available. Head to the Marketplace for current availability. See Carrot availability.


The lime market is up this week. Market pricing has been trending upwards due to low yields from recent weather. Medium and small sizes (200 count to 230 count) continue to have the highest volume of availability. See Lime availability.


The orange market has been trending up lately due to limited labor, but supplies are expected to improve this week. Navels are peaking on the smaller 72 count, 88 count, and 56 count fruits. The Kern County growing region has supplied most of the small-sized navels this season. Once harvesting in Kern County is finished in the next two weeks, we expect a limited supply of small oranges for the remainder of the season. See Orange availability.