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Food waste is central to some of the key challenges facing the world today, including hunger, poverty, climate change, and the sustainability of agriculture. With over 25% of edible food being wasted at the farm level alone, and $144bil of food wasted at the household level annually, it is a daunting challenge to address. As our business works to tackle food waste at the farm level, our team at Full Harvest decided we can bring that same mission to our personal lives. 

This year for Stop Food Waste Day, we took virtual pledges in advocacy of reducing the global impact of food waste at the individual level.

Watch our Food Waste Warriors to learn how we're taking on food waste in our personal lives. 


It's a complex problem, but we don't have to wait for businesses and the government to figure it out. We can take action in our own lives that collectively will impact climate change at scale.

So how will you stop food waste in your life this year?

Take the pledge

Join us and take the pledge to reduce food waste in your life. 
Download the video below and share it across your social channels. 

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